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My expungement keeps falling through the cracks. What do I do.

Huntington, WV |

I was arrested for a DUI three years ago. After completing everything the Judge ordered and paying all of the fines, the Judge expunged my record. I moved to a different State and have had problems getting a job. So I called my hometown court house to ask about my record. The person I spoke with said that my record was ordered to be expunged but it must have 'fell through the cracks'. He apologized for the mishap and told me it would be taken care of that day. I call back a month later and my record still has not been expunged. The lady assured me she was taking care of it as we spoke. I made a mistake when I was younger, and I paid my dues. Now their mistake is costing me time loss, job loss, and financial loss. What can I do?

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At this point, I'd suggest calling the court clerk again to inquire. If it still hasn't been resolved, consider hiring an attorney to ensure that it is. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


Yes I agree with my colleague. Call the clerk and if that doesn't prove fruitful you should probably contact an attorney for assistance. Good luck.

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