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My experience with my court appointed lawyer went bad?????

Beaumont, TX |

I am not going with this court appointed lawyer I am innocent and all he kept saying.... well this your first offense I know for sure I can get you probation what kind of lawyer is this I'm telling him I'm innocent than he saying I can get you probation telling me probation is a good thing Haven't even hired him I know they going to have some lawyers come on here saying well maybe this well maybe that like giving the court appointment lawyer the benefit of the doubt. First x that he done this guy sent me a form stating he was my court appointed lawyer with my case number on it...I went to his office and he told me what I already know saying well you bonded I'm not your lawyer I charge 2500 to 3500 falsely saying he my court appointed lawyer to me before I even meet him in a letter.

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Hmm. If you already know what we're going to say, why exactly is it that you're bothering to post??? And by the way, according g to my fourth grade grammar teacher, you've failed to ask a question, as well. Good luck with your case.


It sounds like at your next court date you need to clear up with the court whether this attorney is appointed to represent you or whether you need to hire one. Obviously, if the court requires you to hire your own attorney, you need to shop around until you find one you're comfortable with.

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Both attorneys above raise good points for you to consider.


You need to determine whether he is your appointed attorney or not. If appointed he CANNOT bill you for his services. I've seen this with a few appointed attorneys recently and that bothers me. I treat appointed clients just like paying clients. Go to your first appearance. Figure out if he's your attorney and don't plead to anything unless you fully understand the consequences and ramifications.
Good luck

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You might want to ask the Judge for a hearing regarding your court appointed counsel and if your entitled to another. While this is NOT binding in TEXAS other jurisdictions have been requiring a hearing with the court when court appointed counsel does not seem to be working out. Such as People v. Marsden, 2 Cal.3d 118, 465 P.2d 44, 84 Cal. Rptr. 156 (1970) Supreme Court of California. In Bank. February 26, 1970.

Florida has a similar case and it could be ripe for Texas to allow defendants a little due process to work out the conflicts with counsel rather than flatly deny a defendant's pleas of help. Your court appointed counsel can not make you plea. Probation is a consequence of a crime, and can leave you with a record. I understand where you are coming from. Sometimes, however, it may pay you dividends to also consider the risks of going to trial. Innocence is no guarantee of an acquittal and often the consequences are worse than the plea deal. Just food for thought... Good Luck

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