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My exhusband stopped paying my court ordered spousal support will I have to go back to court to compel him to pay

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My X suddenly stopped paying part of my spousal support. It was court ordered. What has to be done to get payments to resume. If I have to take him back to court, will I have to pay additional money. This I unfortunately can not afford

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You can bring your case back to court by yourself, (without an attorney) for little or no charge. If you are incorrect and for some reason he doesn't owe you support it is possible (although perhaps unlikely) that you would have to pay some court costs. However, if you are indeed correct that he owes you support and you only had to come to court due to a problem of your X's, then I think it is likely you will owe nothing. You may want to consider hiring an attorney to represent you in this matter, and therefore will acquire additional cost. However, if your X is indeed at fault, the court may order him to pay for your attorney's fees after the fact. However, I anticipate that it will be difficult to find an attorney do represent you up front without some kind of initial retainer. Good luck.

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