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My ex-wife wants me to pay her, for $2500.00 in college expenses that my daughter incurred in August. Can I be forced to do this

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When my 18 year old daughter left for college, there was no post-secondary support listed in our divorce agreement. My daughter turned 18 last March and graduated high school last June. My daughter and ex-wife did not apply for post secondary support. In August, my daughter arrived at college and needed to pre-pay for boarding which was $2500.00, which would be reimbursed later by her financial aid. My ex-wife paid it. My ex-wife later will get reimbursed, as I said. But my ex-wife is demanding I send her $2500.00. I don't feel obligated to do this, as it is already been paid. I would have to take that money out of savings, just like my exwife had to. any thoughts are appreciated!

I should also add, our divorce agreement says, my ex-wife will need to sell my daughter's horse ($12,000.00) and use the money to pay for my daughter's college expenses. My ex-wife and daughter own the horse. The horse is up for sale now, and all profit goes to my ex-wife/daughter.

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Your opening sentence answers the question. The law is very clear - if the request for post-secondary education is not made before the child is emancipated, the court loses jurisdiction over the child, and you cannot be ordered to pay. It looks like the mother's deadline to file in this case was last June. Of course, nothing prevents you from helping her out from time to time as you see fit.



Thank you so much. This was really helpful. I did give $1000.00 as a gift. But am having a hard time coming up with the rest. Thanks again.


Based on the facts you listed, there is no requirement for you to pay post-secondary expenses after she turned 18. She cannot file now and get it either. She missed the deadline.


Superb answer by Mr. DeWitt. Right on point. Perfect analysis.

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