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My ex wife rented out my home without my knowledge.How can I stop this?I am the sole owner of the property (Marital Settlement).

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This is the letter that was sing and notarized(word by word) :
10-04-2009 Tenants: Paul and Marie Rullo
303 Oppitz Ln.
Lakeland Fl 33803
I Joseph A Gonzalez , give permission for Rosalia Gonzalez to receive the rent monies owed at the property at 303 Oppitz Ln. any rent due and late fees owed shall be paid to Rosalia Gonzalez from this day on forward. any question or concerns shall be directed to Ms. Rosalia Gonzalez.
Payments should be mailed to Rosalia Gonzalez At:
19370 Collins ave
Sunny Isles Beach ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Note: I only gave permission for her to continue to collect the rent from Paul & Mary Rubio not future tenants. They moved out & she moved in . I found out that she stared renting out my home.

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Well. The letter is ambiguous really. You listed the tenants as Paul and Marie Rullo on 10-04-2009. However, you gave her permission to receive rent and late fees "from this day on forward."

It appears just from this preliminary information that she is acting accordingly.

It can probably be solved with a letter revoking her right to collect rent, BUT you'll need to make sure this does not interfere with any of your obligations under the marital settlement.

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I agree with counsel. You may need to rework the agreement or clarify expectations.

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The answer to your question depends not just on the letter you quoted by on the terms of the decree dissolving your marriage and conversations that you may have had with your former wife. Rather than trying to get advice from an online forum, you should consult an experienced real estate lawyer in your area.

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OK. You got yourself into this problem because you didn't hire an attorney to draft the agreement that you originally intended. Now, you need to hire an attorney to try to get you out of the unintended consequences. Your attorney will have to review any new lease agreement and see what your options are.

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