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My ex wife is worth more than me. Why can't I terminate my alimony payments?

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She was granted the marital home, a vehicle, and about 80% of the assets even though the judge made it look like a 50/50 split. The balance on the house was $50k when it was taken away from me. She refinanced the house when prices went sky high for over $275,000 and then abandoned the house when prices plummeted and kept the money. I have the ability to pay the alimony but she does not have the need for it. She makes over $30,000/year and she chose to lower her standard of living by moving into an apt when she voluntarily walked away from the house in order to keep all the money she had received from the bank. Three lawyers have told me that because i make more money now......leave it alone because I could end up paying her more. Why? She has more than me.

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You have already spoken with 3 attorneys about this, and you want another opinion? I guess that is because none of them would tell you what you wanted to hear. If there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the entrance of the final judgment you can file a supplemental petition for modification. But if you are making more now, it might backfire on you.

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