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My ex wife has hacked into my Verizon account and had all text messages from the 5 phones sent to her house/ phone/computer.

Vancouver, WA |

She wanted to know who our daughter ( joint custody/ 50-50 ) was talking to. she set up a verizon account on the internet useing my number she she could see all that was going on. she set it up to receive all messages , my new wife's , my daughter/ hers, my step sons, and my 9 yr olds that I had with my new wife and mine. isn't That illegal? What do I do?

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Contact Verizon and change all your passwords. You can have your divorce lawyer draft a letter and document her actions. It is a violation of several statutes
RCW 9.35.020,
RCW 9A.52.110
RCW 9A.52.130
Come to mind at first.

Good Luck

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I concur with Mr. Alexander, especially if there have been any monitoring or recording of the actual content of the communications coming through the phones. The Revised Code of Washington makes the interception or recording of a private conversation illegal unless all parties to the conversation consent to the recording. See RCW § 9.73.030. Under federal law, it sounds like the mother may have violated the federal wiretap act,, which generally prohibits the interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications. See 18 USC § 2511.

Verizon may be willing to help you out with a technical fix, especially if you have any supporting evidence of the claim that the system was "hacked." The first remedy is, as Mr. Alexander suggested, change your passwords and other access credentials and DO NOT give them out to anyone.

Good luck!