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My ex wife foreclosed on the house that was in my name after the court awarded her the house in the divorce.

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The foreclosure on my name makes it impossible to get a minimal loan needless to say a mortgage loan, I also am faced with higher interest fees on credit cards and makes it very difficult to find peace of mind concerning financial issues. I am filling out a court form for dane county wisconsin "order to show cause and affidavit for finding of contempt." What can I request of the courts in order to help ease the troubles I face with this situation I now face after the forclosure? As a side note, in the court paperwork that grants her the property it says that "any party who sufers loss due to failure of the other party to pay an assigned debt may enforce that obligation by a motion for contempt of court. Since the property has already been forclosed, what else can I ask for in return??

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I think this is a duplicate post. Please check your other question for my answer.

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You should not be trying to do this on your own. As you can see, the paperwork just to file the motion has presented you with several questions you cannot answer, and you have yet to be asked to present your evidence and argue your position. Did you have an attorney for your divorce? If not, that may explain why you are in this position. Please do yourself a favor and meet with an attorney to get some help. I think you will find it will be well worth the cost.

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Consult with a local attorney, but it sounds like you are one of the thousands of ex-spouses nationwide who have gotten caught up in the same situation, and, when all is said and done, you may have no practical recourse. You divorced her, you did not divorce the lending institution holding your mortgage, and this (and the bad economy and real estate market) gives rise to many possible problems that are not easily remedied in divorce..