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My ex-wife falsely accused me of death threats, in fact, this has not happened. The police made a report.

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We are divorced and live separately. I have full custody of the children. My ex-wife disagree with decision of the court and she revenge me.

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What you describe happens all of the time. Prosecutor's offices are usually very aggressive in pursuing this sort of case. Its probably going to take a lot more work than you would expect to unravel the mess. The good news is the truth usually prevails in the end. Hire an attorney experienced in these types of cases to help you.

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Unfortunately in a contentious divorce or child custody case, false criminal allegations can be made by the party who is not getting what they want. I have been successful in several similar situations in getting the prosecutor's office not to file charges or to dismiss the charges that have been filed. However, it can take a lot of work on the part of an experienced attorney to help the prosecutor see the difference between a real threat and one that is fabricated by a person unhappy with the Court's decision. You should seek an attorney with significant experience in domestic violence cases, as these are the types of cases where false allegations such as these can arise.