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My ex was supposed to pay child support until my son's age of 22.5 but he hasn't paid since he was 18. What can I do?

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That was based on the fact that he entered college and the age of 18 of which he did and is still enrolled. So, bascially he has gotten away with not paying child support for the last 4.5 years. Is there anything I can do about this now? He is self employed and always has been but he does own a home. Do I have to hire a lawyer and what type of lawyer if so?

Thanks for your help.

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You have several options, assuming the child support order is as clear as you claim. You would want to hire an attorney who specializes in family law, which most people answering questions here, including myself, specialize in. The standard filing is an application for contempt which would ask the judge to make him pay or go to jail (if he has the ability to pay). However, there are other options that should be reviewed as well, including possible garnishment/liens. If you have further questions feel free to contact me as I live in Cobb and my office is in Atlanta.


If there is a court order requiring the non-custodial parent to pay support, and that support is not being paid, the custodial parent has the right to pursue contempt charges (for the parent's violation of the court order).

Hiring an attorney is helpful, but not required. If you choose to hire an attorney, you need one that practices Family Law.

I hope this information helps answer your question(s).

~ Kem Eyo

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You have several options for the collection of support. Please see my website article on "enforcement" at the link below, and then call for a free consultation by phone.

I am exclusively a family law attorney, practicing primarily in the metro Atlanta, Georgia trial courts. However, I handle appeals from anywhere in Georgia.