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My ex tried (failed) to file a peace order on me without ANY contact with her and I haven't spoken to her since last last fall.

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I haven't spoken to my ex since last year because there is a current protective order she has against her concerning our child, who she abused physically and mentally. Recently, we had a child support hearing, where she refused to agree to the terms of support. This was the only contact we've had since last fall, and I make it a priority to allow no chances for her to encounter our daughter. I'm being facetious, but unless I breathed wrong at the hearing, I don't know why she would take such action against me. Although the filing was denied, I believe she'll try again, for the sake of escaping her child support obligation. Who or what agency can I alert to make a record of her false claims?

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I m changing the tag to family law. You will get better answers.


First who filed the protective order? If you did the. There is no prohibition against you, only against her. Second, you can file with states attorney or commissioners at district court but these cases rarely get prosecuted


The record of her having filed this petition and having it denied as unsupported will remain in the public judiciary case search system indefinitely, and may be cited by you if need be. You also have the right to get the public record of this false claim sealed and removed from public access or view, which you may wish to pursue. You should keep your own copies of her filings and the judge's decision, however. If she repeats the filing on false or unsupported grounds, you may be entitled to file a petition with the court to have her declared a frivolous litigant, at least in respect to cases naming you as a defendant, which would bar her from filing any new actions in court against you without first obtaining the permission of the court after proving she has a legitimate claim. Unfortunately, there is no agency or court ombudsman to whom complaints like yours can be directed. citizens are free to file any claims they like, but if they are frivolous or in bad faith, you may be entitled to the relief I described, plus an award of your attorneys fees and costs incurred in defending the claims.