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My ex signed and hand righted under penalty of perjury under the california law false info. to obtain restraining order

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HI i live in California and like to know if i can do something with the accusation my ex told the court to obtain restraining order against me where she accused me of sending her text messages that i was going to be happy the day she was going to dead or she died and of blowing or pop her car tires with a knife and threaten her and her sister with a knife, she hand righted the info, in a sheet of paper or court form DV-100 page 5 of 5 if your familiar with this California domestic violence restraining order form and signed under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California the information is true and correct and told the judge she had seen me do it and judge did not found me guilty of this charges or accusations or pay in any debt as she demanded me to pay

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In California, what is contained in legal pleadings are absolutely privileged, and you really don't have civil cause of action against her. Your only relief would be to file a complaint with the police in an attempt to charge her with perjury, that being your proof that she lied under penalty of perjury on Page 5 of her DV 100, and also her perjury in Court where she testified to the same proven false statements. This is what is presently available.

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