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My ex refuses to give me copies from the subpoenas she has issued. Can she do this?

Chicago, IL |

My ex subpoenaed documents from my bank, my wife's bank, my step-child's school and several other places. She refuses to provided the documents via email or fax. Further she now refuses to provided them because in her last email "they are your documents concerning you so you should already have copies direct from the people". Can she refuse to supply them to me? The documents subpoenaed is a spectrum from bank accounts to an attorney for a traffic ticket.

This is not the second time, as the first said she wanted to charge a fee - NOW SHE JUST REFUSES TO GIVE COPIES. - SHE IS A LAWYER! Funny how she is doing everything opposite of what everyone is telling me. If someone cares to take this case on pro-bono GREAT as I have exceed $500,000 in fees and can no longer afford an attorney.

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I think you asked this question a day or so ago. Has this case been going on for 7 years or so? IIf not, someone else has the exact same problem as you.

Anyway, you should be working with a lawyer who knows how to handle this stuff. It seems you're both going it alone and you're create more problems for yourselves than you're solving. Why do you wish to drive yourself crazy trying to 1) be a lawyer when you're not and 2) fight your ex-wife on technical, legal points?

Anyway, my answer is the same: you need to work with a lawyer and read the Illinois Supreme Court Rules; specifically 201, 204, and 219.

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I cannot imagine someone has the same insanity going on...a day ago I asked about the "fee" she wanted to charge for the first time after 7+ years for copies. NOW she just refuses to give the copies. She is a lawyer and knows how to play the system. Care to take this on pro-bono?? I have exceed $500,000 in fees and I am tapped out! She has nothing better to do with her life or the money I gave her in the settlement.

Wes Cowell

Wes Cowell


No, but thanks for the offer to allow me to work for you for free. I've already given (GIVEN -- FOR FREE) you the answer . . . twice. If you were to hire a lawyer, the lawyer could either convince her to play by the rules (which you seem unable to do), shift your fees (related to her non-compliance) to her so it wouldn't cost you anything (and would cost her), or deprive her of the ability to present in court the part of her case related to the discovered documents.


This is at least the second time you have asked this question and the answer remains the same. You are gong round and round because you do not know what is and is not proper procedure, or even if you have options or should have objected to the issuance of those subpoenas. Hire a lawyer and get this mess straightened out.


no. she cannot. but you do not know how to fix it and your lawyer will. read the rules wes told you about. get a lawyer.

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