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My ex never pays the full amount on his support order within the month. We go to contempt Monday.

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He pays $575 a month. He is still $715 owed it was $1200.00. Since he still owes for last month and all of this month. What will happen normally in court? I know it's not a lot but it's every month I'm owed for month before.

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Typically, the Judge will order him to pay a set amount by a certain deadline in order to liquidate the arrears. If he does not pay, a bench warrant could be issued for his arrest. You might consider discussing this matter with an attorney to ensure that this matter is handled properly.

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I agree with Ms. Silverman. The one thing you'll have to keep in mind is that the October payment isn't considered "late" until November 1st so at this point it's very possible that the court will only see him as overdue fro September. Now if he has a pattern of missing months, that should be made known to the judge.

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I agree with my colleagues. as stated, it is important to note that the support isn't really due until the end of the month even though it charges on the arrears balance at the first of the month. Regardless at a contempt hearing he is typically given what is called a purge condition. usually this mean he has x number of days to make a payment on the over due support. if he does not do that he can be found in contempt and can face serious consequences up to and including incarceration.

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