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My ex moved to Florida and didn't not pay his child support. He has a warrant but will they be able to get him there?

Parsippany, NJ |

The warrant was issued in NJ but he just moved to Tampa Fl. and completely forgot about his son in NJ. Also, since he has his own auto repair shop there he threatened to tell the court he is not working so they can lower the child suppor.

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The Warrant issued in New Jersey can only be enforced in New Jersey. Therefore, if you ever learn of your ex returning to New Jersey you can advise the proper authorities and perhaps the Warrant will be acted upon. If you child support is payable through the Probation Department than you should notify the Probation Department regarding his new location in Florida, and the Probation Department will work with its' sister agency in Florida on your behalf to secure collection of the child support obligation. [You may need to keep on the Probation Department to take action on your behalf in that regard].

Kenneth A. White, Esq.
New Jersey Family Law Attorney

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If the warrant was issued in NJ and the Probation Department is involved, the Court/Probation Department can in fact utilize what is known as UIFSA to collect support via the State of Florida and issued to you in the State of new Jersey. Sometimes the Probation Department can have the Order registered in the other state and have that state enforce (eg a warrant may be issued in Florida as well). You should get as much information as you can regarding his living arrangements and employment and then give that information to the Probation Department. You can always consult with a lawyer to help you with the procedure and process. Good luck!

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