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My ex-lives in FL he is the non-custodial parent, wants to me to sign termination of parental rights. help...

Colorado Springs, CO |

My ex wants me to sign termination of parental rights because he doesn't want to pay child support that he very barely ever pays - only when he is threatened with jail time. I need every dime I can get for the girls. Since i won't sign the papers he is now threatening me with custody rights and absconcion he has never seen his second daughter who is 7 and he has been completely out of there lives for 8. he lives in Florida where the divorce took place and I live in Colorado - he has moved several times in the past but now says he is tired of running from child support and will stop at nothing to stop paying....He is threatening every aspect of my life, e-mail, myspace, twitter, postal mail and phone. what can we do to make this stop? He needs to pay his support. what is the most he can do?

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He can only terminate his parental rights and thereby terminate his child support obligation if your new husband is adopting the children. Since you do not mention this, I assume this is not the case. He could ask for some parenting time. Given what you describe, I expect that time to be very limited. If granted, it probably will be for just a few hours at a time here in Colorado. It might even have to be supervised at first. I recommend you persist in your collection efforts and deal with the parenting time issues if/when they arise.

John Barrett