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My ex is using the courts to abuse / harass me. How can I make it stop?

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We currently have a custody case in progress, There is also a domestic violence case. We each have temp restraining orders. Recently the ex filed a false police report which resulted in my arrest. The police didn't care that I had witnesses , did not hear my side of the story etc. He is doing this to help him gain custody and because of jealousy of my new spouse/ life. I have at least 3 police reports of his behavior starting from 2007. I believe he is also now stalking me. He has repeated information to my parents he couldn't possibly know. We have no friends in common and I do not speak to his family. Every time he asks for something in regards to our child and I say no, he files something against me. Last time was the false police report. How can I protect myself?

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Hire an experienced child custody lawyer in your area and follow their advise. Do not post details on line, this forum is not confidential. Speak in your lawyer's office and bring all the paperwork to your lawyer.

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Speak to your attorney or hire one.

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You need to retain experienced counsel to help and guide you ASAP.

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There is no way to stop someone from filing petitions or even from making false police reports. But if the courts start realizing that he is doing so, they will usually dismiss his petitions or grant orders that he opposes. In order to prosecute someone for filing false reports, you have to prove that the person knew the allegations were false when made. This is very difficult.

If you don't have a lawyer yet, get one.

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