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My ex is trying to blackmail me for money

Brooklyn, NY |

I was living with my ex on and off for years while I was trying to make ends meet by living with other friends. Because I was living with her she said I can claim her daughter as my niece since we wasn't married and I did. When I got my tax back i gave them money to shop and all, so the following year I stayed with her for a few more months and then I had to stop because I was also dating someone else and me and her started to get serious, actually we were planning on getting married. So now after a year and 1/2 shes now telling me to give her more money or shes going to report me to the IRS. I would like to know what should I do?

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Talk to an accountant immediately about reimbursing the government. Do not talk about this here anymore.


1. Stop taking about it on the internet, this is not confidential.
2. Talk to a tax attorney or CPA about the situation, you might have to pay back the IRS. They will be able to better advise you.
3. Don't pay the extortion money, because she will just keep coming back to that well.


Your tax issue is more important than the attempted blackmail. If you resolve the tax issue the blackmail is moot. As stated above speak to an attorney and get everything squared away with the IRS. Also, be conscious of the impact of your admissions...internet material is visible to anyone and everyone.

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