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My ex is trying to appeal our default divorce, what grounds does she have to stand on since she already passed the 20 days

Altus, OK |

I just got awarded a default divorce and am trying to move on with my life. My ex has stated that she is going to bury me, meaning financially. How many days does she have to appeal the final decree?

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She has 30 days after entry of the final order, decree, or judgement to file a notice of appeal. Therefore it sounds like she still has 10 days to file the notice. Generally grounds for divorce appeals are not in regards to the divorce itself but to the settlement the appealing party got at the trial level.

If the appeal is frivolous, look and see whether Oklahoma statutes allow you to recover your legal fees for an appeal without basis or some sort of malicious lawsuit statute. You will probably need to hire an appeals attorney for the process. The deadlines are very important and the writing involved is going to be time consuming and difficult. If you do choose to go it alone, be sure to consult the rules of appellate procedure in Oklahoma for deadlines for any filings as well as designation of the record. You can probably find the rules online but a law librarian might be able to help you understand them better.

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Shannon K. McDonald


When you say "appeal," do you mean she is trying to vacate the default divorce? if she filed a motion to vacate less than 30 days after the default decree was entered, the court will likely vacate the default decree. The law views default judgments with disfavor, and prefers to have matters decided on their merits. You should visit with an attorney in your area for advice on how to protect your rights.

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