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My ex is taking me to court for visitation and because he said I rent rooms to the other so can the state take my son away from

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My ex raped me when I was a minor. And he's been stalking and harrassing me ever since I had my son. And making threats. I suppory my son with the welfare money I get every month.

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It is unlikely that your custody of your son would be jeopardized by your rentng rooms in an effort to raise sufficient funds to supplement your welfare funds to support yourself and your son.

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You may need to get a domestic violence restraining order if you fear for your safety. With regard to renting rooms, I doubt the state can do anything more than investigate you for welfare fraud. I would suggest consulting with an attorney to advise you of your rights. And I'd also suggest not admitting to welfare fraud on this public forum.

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Until he files something, it sounds like he is just being a bully. If he files anything, I offer free initial comsultations to discuss the matter further. I am a little confused as to why he thinks you renting a room is an issue, but unless this poses a danger to your child, I am not sure how this could be used against you.

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