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My ex-husband won't sign the title over on the vehicle that i have been paying on for four years. what next?

Corpus Christi, TX |

while i was in iraq, my ex bought a truck with my money in his name and said it was mine but i was out of country and couldn't sign so he was the only one on the bank loan. he stopped working and lived off my money while i was oversees. i divorced him when i got back, but he ruined my credit by that time and i couldn't refinance under myself. nothing about the truck was in the divorce. we agreed that i would pay the loan off and he waould sign the title over. its been two months since the loan was paid off and he keeps giving me the run around. i have been the only one paying and using the truck for four years.what do i need to do next so i can get on with my life?

i still have the truck and the value was not considered during the divorce. i just need the title signed over. is it still going to be difficult?

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Sounds like you may have a bit of trouble getting the truck. The title for the truck is in his name, the loan was in his alone and no provisions were made concerning the truck in the divorce. Legally, it's his truck unless you can prove that he agreed to sign the truck to you once the loan was paid off. Otherwise, he used marital funds to purchase something in his name only.

Was the value of the truck considered during the divorce? Texas is a community property state, so any assets should be divided equally. Since he kept the truck, at the very least he owes you half of the value of the truck at the time of the divorce. I would check with your divorce attorney about that.

Otherwise, try to prove he agreed to give you the truck. Best of luck.