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My ex-husband won't pay me what the court ordered him to pay. How do i go about getting this money?

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In our dissolution papers my ex agreed to pay off the balance on 2 credit cards. He is not giving me any money. The cards are in my name so I have been paying on them. I know he recently settled a workers comp claim giving him a large sum of money. He has not had an official job since July 2008. He has been been doing things and getting paid under the table. What legal actions can I take to make him pay me the money he owes?

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You could file a Motion to Show Cause as to why he is not in contempt of the previous court order then reduce it to judgment. The court would give him probably thirty days to pay off the amout owed. If he did not pay he may go to jail.
In addition, depending on how your dissolution paper work reads you, may be able to collect directly from him through a garnishment of his bank account. However I would have to read your paper work prior to telling you this was the correct tactic to pursue.

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