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My ex-husband press false allegations of the abuse, get federal and personal information with my consent and lie to get welfare

Saint Louis, MO |

What will be my rights and what legal actions I need to take to stop the constant abuse of my ex-husband who acting beyond the law, impersonating people to obtain information, using my personal information to obtain federal and state information that is private, goinf to Economic Department and providing false information to obtain welfare benefits in the name of three kids that does not live with him, he is not paying child support or providing any help to kids, but is lying to obtain benefits and using my ferderal information to obtain who knows what? I placed alerts on my CR, I have and OP but looks nothing stop him, We went to a trial for custody and Judge asked him how he obtain my private information, he pledge 5th Const Amm. What are my rigths? What I need to do> I need to move fast

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Bring a contempt action, talk to the district attorney and inform the welfare department of his fruad.

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