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My ex husband is emotionally abusive to our kids on a daily basis. Is it possible to obtain emergency sole custody because this

Broomfield, CO |

My ex husband was always emotionally abusive to me throughout our marriage and our children tell me daily how they have been yelled at, degraded and cut down to size. He tells them lies about me and my new husband and just recently told them that we were using drugs. I fear this is causing permanent damage to the children ages 16 and 15 both males.

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There is a satutory provision in Colorado that will allow a parent to cease parenting time, at least temporarily, on an emergency basis when continued contact with the other parent is harmful to the child for a variety of reasons. Filing such a petition will immediately put a protective order in place that requires any further visits to be supervised until the court is able to hear the motion within approximately one week. The filing parent must have a good faith basis for intiating this kind of action.

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