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My ex husband is being investigated for fraud by social security can they make me help them,can they stop my child benefits

Lumberton, NC |

i reported my ex-husband working have help them all i can, every time i don't give more info they stop my child benefits, My ex- husband has worked and recieved disability benefits for years. I have given them all the info i can to help them. They continue to start and stop my child bebfit he recieves from them, i cant take out child support because they have him listed as still disabled to work, This has been going on for months. Now they are telling me i can no longer be my childs payee

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First thing I will say is do NOT post any more information here. Your community is only about 21,000 people, so someone from SSA may see your posts here.

Second, get or at least talk a criminal lawyer. If your husband is getting Social Security and working, he is not entitled to those benefits. And, that means you may have continued to receive benefits you know you are not eligible for. There may or may not be any criminal charges against you because you reported him, but I will bet SSA will come to you to get their money back.

Finally, you are not required to talk to the SSA investigators. And, since anything you say to those investigators could also be used against you, I again suggest you talk to a criminal attorney and have a discuss about your rights under the law in your jurisdiction.

Best of luck to you.

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Garry Wayne Miracle

Garry Wayne Miracle


If you cannot afford a lawyer, ther may be a legal aid office in your area. Check into that. But, I agree with Mr. Farrell that if your husband was working and not entitled to benefits, you son was not entitled either. That means that SSA will want to have all the money paid back that you son received improperly.


I agree with the previous attorney, this may be a criminal matter. I would recommend you consult with an attorney in your area.

I am only licensed in Arkansas. No part of this answer should be construed as creating an attorney client relationship.

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