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My ex-husband is being charged with a DWI (.361 BAC) and 2 cnts of child endang... Can I get sole custody; they were in the car

Saint Peters, MO |

We share physical custody and I have sole legal custody. He has a history of alcohol abuse and I need to be able to prevent this from happening again. I at least want him to have to be supervised during visitation. He drove them to a gas station, got a pint of vodka and drank it and drove them around. The report says he couldn't even say his name and he blew a .361. I am desperate to protect my 1 and 3 yr old from this happening again! What are my chances and can I also get the help of DFS? He won't cooperate with their safety plan because he said his lawyer told him not to.

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You should contact a family law attorney to help you with a modification of the decree of dissolution. I would not rely on DFS to protect your children.

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