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My ex-husband has started an alimony modification, to reduce my alimony payments. He says he has no work and that he is sick.

West Hills, CA |

And cannot pay me the $11,000 that the court order him to do in 2006. But now he says that he is too sick to continue the modification at this time. But I have an attorney too-can I force him to pay her, my attorney, for her costs to date? and can he just drop the case? He is the one who started it. He usually pays me right on time except last month he said he didn't have the money, but then somehow he found some at the end of the month and sent it to me. Can he stop paying me? Even if he has no new work, he could sell some of his properties, right? Couldn't he sell his stocks? he says everything is at a loss, but of course he would say that.

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Attorney answers 1


As long as the current order remains unmodified, he continues to be obligated to pay and to pay at the amount set in the 2006 order. You can file a motion to have him pay your legal fees, but if he has to go to the trouble of responding to that motion, he may find the strength to proceed with his request for modification of the current support order. For now, be glad that he dropped it and hope that he continues to make the payments as ordered. If he stops paying you then your attorney can file an OSC re contempt.