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My ex husband filed a protective order for my friend who is a witness for almost all visitation exchange of the baby in public.

Sterling, VA |

My domestic abuser ex filed PO for my friend/witness. He lied that my friend threatened him and he is physical danger although my ex is the one who says F words to me and to my friend/witness. We have audio recording of all that. My ex challenged my friend to see one on one and teach him lesson. He filed a PO for my friend/witness to seclude me so that I am not left with any friend to witness his abuse when I go for child exchange. i do not have any family member in this country. He threatened me to control my life even though he said we are separated I have to live under his terms. We have a court hearing soon. How this will effect my custody case and can we revoke PO filed on basis of lies? We have audio recordings as evidence. My friend never said a word to my ex. Please advice and help

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There should be a 15 day protective order hearing for your friend after the the PO is filed. At that hearing, the court will listen to teh evidence and determine whether or not the PO request is valid. The audio recordings and your testimony would be beneficial evidence to your friend. She should contact an attorney immediately to fight the PO order.