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My ex-husband failed to comply with the final divorce decree, resulting in financial poverty for me, what do I do?

Brownwood, TX |

My ex stopped paying for credit card debt awarded to him. Failed to sign over title to vehicle awarded to me that is solely in his name and took out a loan against said vehicle, preventing me from obtaining a title or to register the vehicle in my possession. He moved out of the joint homestead and has defaulted on home owner's insurance. He was ordered to maintain health insurance for me but refuses to give me the insurance card. The company he works for will only send the card to his current address in spite of my claim that I will not receive it if it is sent to him. After agreeing to file joint income taxes during the divorce process, he filed without my signature and kept all of the refund. Info regarding retirement fund awarded to me is inaccessable to me as spouse

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You are going to need to sue him. You can file a Motion for Enforcement or a Breach of Contract... it's going to depend on the exact language of the decree. Sit down with a family lawyer to discuss which option works best. Good luck.

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Thank you for your advice. Judging by the roadblocks I have encountered to date, I will need nothing short of a miracle. My attorney did not act on my continued request for temporary support and I have not recovered from financial loss. I have taken your advice and will be meeting with Legal Aid in the near future. A sincere thank you for your concern.


You need to meet with a family lawyer immediately to discuss filing a Motion to Enforce against your ex.

Do not wait; make an appointment today!

If you wait too long to enforce the divorce decree, the tools available to your lawyer will decrease over time.

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