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My ex-husband and I were divorced several years ago while he was in prison. We have 3 daughters together.

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He has never paid child support because he would not sign the divorce papers unless that portion was left out. How can I get child support? I've turned him into the Child Support Office in Plano, TX several times, but nothing has been done. My daughters are 16, 12 and soon to be 11, and I need some kind of help from him. His wife tried to get me to sign papers last year saying that I received $300/month so that they could get more food stamp $'s, but I refused. He still expects to be able to see them. What can I do?

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In addition to having the Attorney General go after your ex-husband, you can also bring a lawsuit to enforce the terms of the child support provisions contained in your divorce decree. There are several different methods of enforcing the child support order that you can ask for. Here is a list (in no particular order) of the remedies:

1. Contempt (meaning you can have your ex thrown in jail until he makes good on his child support payments);
2. Confirmation of arrearages (this is where the court renders a cumulative money judgment for child-support arrearages);
3. Child support lien (this places a lien on all real and personal property that is owned by your ex and that is not exempt under law);
4. Levy on financial institutions (this freezes your ex's financial accounts until the financial institution pays the child support arrearages from his accounts); and
5. License suspension (this suspends your ex's drivers license and any occupational licenses he may hold).

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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