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My ex-husband and I divorced in 2008 and in my decree it states that he was to pay me money within 2 years and he never paid up.

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I went back and filed again in 2012 for him being in contempt with the ruling in and to seek finally getting my money from him. That didn't quite happen either because he never paid, again. In filing that, I put down the options that I'd like to have held against him, like a lein that went on the house we once owned together when we got married but, that later went into foreclosure. Still, nothing. Well, my ex just won the lottery for a large amount and I'm wondering how can I collect my money that the judge awarded me from our divorce? He hasn't worked since 2011. Also, in my previous claim I put down child support that he was behind, which he hasn't paid either.

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Consult with a local lawyer in your area about the options you may have to execute upon the judgment and other enforcement options you may have. Generally, contempt is the best option in domestic cases,. As it now appears he has the money to pay, now may be a good time to file contempt once again.

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Head back to court now that you are aware of proceeds.


are you the same person who asked about lottery earlier this week? go hire a lawyer. file a contempt petition. ask the court to enjoin the lottery dispersing any money until you are paid. get to court now. do not delay one day.


Hire a lawyer and file a petition for rule.