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My ex has threatened (falsely) reporting me to cps, what can I do?

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My sons mother is very vindictive, when I don't agree to "switching weekends" or things to that affect she always responds with threats. Most recently, she has said she feels she may have reason to report me to cps. This is beyond untrue. She won't give me her reasoning either. My wife works with children and if my ex falsely reports us or her it could effect her job. What are my options??

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Keep a journal. Take pictures. Record. Document.

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Make sure your behavior is clean as a whistle, that you have zero drug use, that you document everything. Communicate via email or Our Family Wizard. If you do talk, send a confirmation email describing the agreements made including date and time. You do not have to agree to switch weekends.

Consult with an attorney. Discuss whether you should file to modify the orders.

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Consult with an attorney in your area right away. A consultation won't cost much and there you can discuss things confidentially. CPS gets many accusations and they know that many are untrue. HOWEVER, they are FAR from perfect. Obviously, if you are doing anything that would cause concern then you need to address that immediately. DO NOT post anything specific here though. Consult with an attorney to get a better understanding of your risks and the process. Oh and BTW, if you are giving in to those threats, then of course she is going to keep doing that.

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