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My ex has custody of our girls, he lives in family home with them . I left because of abuse, and he was continued

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to involve our children in adult conversations, and would directly onvolve them in very horrible statements about me, their mother. He has own business and i ended upnpaying child support, he took half of everything. I know how he under reported income and constantly asks for money for girls, manipulating me and making me feel guilty. My own children have heard from him so constantly what a horrinle mother i am, bad role model, etc., they say it to my face now when they are mad. We have gotten through this but they are using it as a weapon now. it is my weekend and i cannot get a gold of my ex, he will not pick up phone, return calls, my firls will not return my calls or messages. My ex wasnabusive with me verbally, and physically. I am afraid of him, and he is a master manipulator

i pay the child support and lost my job 2 years ago, but he made me feel so guilty and told our choldren that because of mommy they would be out on the streets. i have depleted my sAvings, he got half of everything as i had a good job. he severly undernreported his self employment. Although our divorce has been settled and agreed, there are issues I agreed upon hastily becausenI was so stressed I wanted away from him. I didnt want my children to hear the words he used at me in front of them. They view their dad as a hero...i need to file for modification asap but want to be treated fairly. Tired of his manipulation and ready to stand up for myself, and some day have my children know that their mother loved and fought formtheirmrights.

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I am sorry to hear about your terrible situation. Unfortunately, people can be mean, and your situation is not uncommon. If you want to fight for custody of your children, you need to get back to court, and ask for them.
The longer they stay with him, the greater the odds are, they will side with the abuser. Sounds like they are already siding with the abuser.
Good luck.
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I'm afraid I can't see that you've asked a question here, so it's hard to provide an answer. Please see this Guide for some tips on how to get a useful answer out of your posts:

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Bottom line is, you have to find the funds to get an attorney. You have so many issue that you really need to sit down with an attorney to go over each and everyone of your issues and get a solution to your problems. Furthermore, more information is needed to help you. I wish you luck but unfortuately you still need legal advise in person. Some attorney's take payments and some offer a free consultation.

Any answer to questions is not meant to be con screwed as legal advise and no attorney client relationship has formed. In order for an attorney to give legal advise, The attorney would need to have an opportunity to ask specific questions from a full and complete disclosure of the underlying facts involved in the question asked.

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