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My ex-girlfriend is filing bankruptcy and we still have debt together a house and a motorcycle. What does this mean for me?

Marine, IL |

I have asked her many times to remove her name from the house, so she will no longer have that debt but she will not do it.

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It is not so easy to remove someone's name on title to property - real or person - when there is a lender involved. The lender did not agree to this. Unless you are able to maintain all the bills, you may be liable for all the debt your ex-girlfriend is discharging in bankruptcy. If the bike has clear title, get her to sign the title to release her name as co-owner. It might be a good idea to see a collection attorney and get some advice ASAP.


I agree with the previous poster -- your girlfriend can't just "remove her name" from the debts. You'd need to get new loans or assume the loans. After the bankruptcy, you will be the only one responsible for these debts, unfortunately.

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