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My ex filed an order of protection accusing me of something while I was out of town. Do I need an attorney?

Chicago, IL |

My ex filed an order of protection against me citing that 1) I trespassed on his property and peered in the window and 2) I wrote a letter saying bad things about him to someone.
1) I was out of town and can prove it with credit card receipts and a witness on the date he says I trespassed. (by the way, I didn't trespass that night or any other night) and 2) what does me writing a letter saying bad things about him have to do with me being a threat or dangerous to him? I'm shocked that judge would even allow this. Since I can prove that I was out of town when I allegedly trespassed/stalked him, can I defend myself?

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You need an attorney to fight the case.


The judge entered an emergency order of protection but you have an opportunity to defend yourself. Hire a lawyer. Have the case heard earlier than the assigned date. If there is a finding in your favor. ,ake sure you seek to have the EWOP vacated and then get it removed from your record. Your lawyer will know how to do all of that. Do not risk trying to prepresent yourself.


Hire an attorney so that your evidence can be properly presented to the Court.