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My ex destroyed all my belongings, is there anything I can do about it?

Hillsboro, OR |

She cut up all my clothes, legal papers pertaining to my tribal affairs & stole over 200 arrowheads that I personally knapped.

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You could, in theory, sue her for conversion. This is a tort - a civil wrong, as crimes are criminal wrongs. You would have to prove that she had done this, and show the damage you'd suffered as a result. The damage might be the sticking point. You'd be entitled to recover from her the fair market value of the items destroyed, plus any costs you incurred as a result of her actions. Sometimes these things can be difficult to quantify. You'd have to be able to prove the value of each item, to a court's satisfaction, to win an award against her.

Note also that if you won, you wouldn't get a check right away. You'd get a money judgment, which you'd have to use to collect against her. If she earned wages, you could garnish those until you were paid; likewise, if she had money in bank accounts, you could garnish that. If you didn't know about her assets, then you could try to summon her for a 'judgment debtor exam' where you'd ask her questions about what she owns, and she'd be required to appear an answer truthfully. But in practice, all this takes time and effort - and, if you want to do it right, most likely an attorney, so, also, some money. So you have to consider, as well, when you're deciding whether to take action against her, whether she has anything for you to take. It is almost never worthwhile to sue someone who has nothing to give you.

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I am not clear on a few details. Were you and this women married? Were you living together and not married? When did she take these things in relation to your relationship - like did she take come back and take it after you broke up? Is she a member of a tribe? Can you replace your legal papers? How valuable is the arrow head collection she took? Were these items located in a place that she legally had access to? Just need more info to respond.

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