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My ex boyfriend videotaped us having sex without my consent and post it on the internet. What should I do?

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what are the steps to follow when someone post it a sexual video without your consent.

i live in nj and i've been told that there are several videos of me and my ex online how do i prove this , we both live in nj. These videos are orchestrated (ie. setting a camera in a motel room where we end up staying) I believe him and his friends may have some sort of "business" online that excludes faces. I personally know that i've been videotaped only b/c of my own suspicion, not by his honesty.

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You also need to contact the website where it is posted and demand that they remove it. If you are a minor this could be a criminal violation. If so, call the Dade County State Attorney's office. You may have a civil tort claim against your boyfriend for invasion of privacy. You would need to consult with an attorney to discuss the specific facts.

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