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My ex boyfriend keep harassing me with text messages

Irvine, CA |

I had a boyfriend and 7 months ago we broke up.Since then he keep sending me text messages,lately every day and also he calles me on my cellphone.He wants me back and keep telling me this.I told him months ago to dont text me or call me because it's over,and i never answer to any messeg or call. I have a new relationship now and his messages making hard times for us.Please tell me what should I do,is it any law to stop this??Should i go to police?I can't change my phone number,so i got his messages every day!!! I guess what is he doing is sexual harassement,but I am not sure. Any advice,please???

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What he is doing IS a crime: Electronic Communications harassment under California Penal Code Section 653m (b), a misdemeanor, carrying a maximum punishment of six months in jail and a $1000 fine. I suggest you send him a certified letter stating that his many contacts are unwelcome. Advise him of this penal code section and inform him that starting (estimate two days after the letter should get to him), if you receive any further contacts of any kind, you will report it to the police and have him arrested. You can also obtain a restraining order by going to court, but the former action should take care of this problem. Download the text messages and save them. Same with any emails.

If this escalates to following you or parking outside your home, call the police immediately, and get that restraining order. Good luck.

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