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My ex assaulted and stole from me The State's Attorney Office is picking up the case

College Park, MD |

I was referred to the States' Attorney domestic violence unit, I have an appointment with them to discuss the charges... when giving them information regarding my ex boyfriend should I inform them about all times that he threaten, abused and stolen from me throughout our relationship? In addition, when we go to court I would like to write a letter and read the letter to the judge explaining how he abuse/threats and mind games have affected me... or shall I have the State's Attorney read the letter to the judge on my behalf...Just thinking about all the horrible things he has done is very sicking to me, I want my abuser and the judge to know how it has affected not only affected my life but my immediate family as well.

he is charged with second degree assault/theft the charges are two seperate cases

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You should tell the State everything you can. You will be able to speak to the Judge, probably by testimony. He may not allow everything you want to tell him as the court is limited to the specific facts of a criminal charge (the actual assualt incident and the facts about the theft). If you had sought a domestic violence protective order you could have given the court much more information. For the criminal matters, ask the state and follow their instructions. Good luck.

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