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My ex and I divorced in 2005 in Indiana. She now lives in NC and I live in UT. How do I terminate CS payments?

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3 children current ages of 16, 19, 20 that live in NC. Payments were agreeded upon with lawyer and not settled in a court setting; all payments have been made on time, without fail between auto-bank transfer. FYI, not once have I had to set foot in a court about this divorce or have I been mandated by a court to pay.

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If your order did NOT state the cut off dates, then you need to go back to the Court where the child support order is out of. If it does say when it terminates as to the two older kids, then you just need a CERTIFIED COPY of the order to give to your payroll.

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CS payments are coming directly from me to the ex. Never has been a problem paying, no court issues or involvment of employers.


You need to register your divorce decree in Utah and perform a simple motion to terminate alimony on the older children. It really is a simple process.