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My employer said to me do not give me additude, and make me pay repair cost on cars after leaving the collision shop,

Pontiac, MI |

the collision shop has no proper venting of dust and car engine smoke. as the cars are bought from auctions as collision they are in bad shape. the car is then repaired to be able to go to the car lot for sale to public. and this car are not ready , missing air bag sencer, check engine lights are on , meaning something is still wrong with the cars. for example bumper are missing parts to cut cost. so i drive all these cars and if they break down while i drive them i am the blame and pay the repair cost. this building and practices need to be check out. i will be filing a compliant with OHSA. I SUFFER HEADACHEs , and just recently i now have some bleeding in my body doctor said, i am now under going test next test is june 20 2012.

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I do not believe that I read a single question in your post. It is hard to answer a statement, but I hope everything works out for you.

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