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My employer requires us to carry a cell phone after hours after I have already worked my 40 hours without overtime pay.

Harrisburg, PA |

I have been working for a company that requires us to carry a cell phone after our normal work day and all weekend. This is every 6 weeks and totals over 100 hours that we are required to work if called. In the past we have received some days off and some overtime pay. But recently I have been informed that no overtime will be paid for compensation. I have questioned the legality of this practice for awhile but as the economy grows worse I fear I will be terminated if I do not do as instructed. I am not up to date on the current rules and regulations for compensation to employees who work over a 40 hour week. I am not a salaried employee. What rights do I have if any if I

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There is no law in Florida (nor in any other jurisdiction about which I am aware) that sanctions or allows employers to "require employees to carry cell phones." But hey: instead of getiing fired and having to hire an attorney to sue these people, why not just agree to carry one and then turn it off (or leave it in the car, wahtever) while you are off-duty?