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My employer refuses to give my W 2 and my pay for the months that I worked for him.

Massachusetts |

I have the pay slips and the offer and the termination letter as well as the experience letter, He gave me the W2 for 2008 but refuses to give me my W2 for 2009. I am worried about filing my taxes this year without the W2. Please help!

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Attorney answers 2


If you believe that your employer has committed a wage violation (e.g., if he has refused to pay you wages you earned) then you need to file a complaint with the attorney general's office immediately. There are extremely strict penalties for employers who do not pay their employees, including automatic triple damages and attorney fees for a victorious employee. I recommend that you speak with an attorney.


how much does he owe you? If you kept your last paycheck, you should not have a problem declaring your income and withholdings on your tax returns. If he has refused to pay you money you earned, please give me a call monday to discuss or email me at Bill Harrington, 617-426-7400