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My employer received a notice of income execution from people I never heard of or received mail from. what do I do?

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My employer received a notice from Ronald Moses regarding execution of income for me from a company I never heard of or have ever received any mail from stating I owe over $5,000. I don't know what I should do. I thought maybe it was a scam but If I don't act fast my salary might be garnished. What do I do at this point.

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First go to the court and get all the documents that have been filed in connection with this judgement. In particular make sure you get the affidavit of service (aka proof of service, aka certificate of service.) Copy all the documents in the file. Then contact an attorney who is proficient in credit card defense. If you don't know one go to and search for one. If you can't afford one try your local legal aid office.

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Attorney Kim gives you very good advice, you need to be proactive here in terms of obtaining documents, contacting attorneys and possibly even speaking with the attorneys pursuing you to discuss who the plaintiff is and what settlement options are on the table.

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