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My employer is refusing to adjust my attendance records even though I worked overtime to make up for time I missed.

Woodbine, GA |

My employer's attendance policy gives you points against you if you miss any time off the clock regardless of the reason. I work at home and have had several technical issues with our system working properly. That made me miss time but I worked overtime to make up for it and now they are refusing to remove the attendance hits and have denied even agreeing to do so. I have written proof that they did agree to this in e-mails. I have tried to discuss it with my supervisor and HR but they are refusing to do anything about it and now I am facing termination because of it. What are my options here? Can I sue them for wrongful termination if they fire me and will I qualify for unemployment?

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Your employer owes you the overtime. They cannot fire you for complaining about not getting paid overtime. If they do they will be liable for lost wages, liquidated damages and attorneys' fees. You would be eligible for unemployment.