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My employer is forcing me to wear an uncomfortable uniform, Do I have rights?

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Well, I work In a an Active retirement Home with a full service restauarant and extensive menu. We seat about 100 persons per day. We all know what they order as usual., etc... They keep the temp at 74 degrees for the old peeps, I understand that. We have to wear black long sleeve shirts and heavy vests. Some over weight servers are not required to wear the vests. as thay cant fit in to them. Even if they did, can and we all had these vests,. Our Boss has said she will never consider another uniform for us. Is that LEGAL? we have even had our residents ask our Manager and she just laughs at there requests! Thanks Trish

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In general, your employer can decide what your uniform at work will be. If your uniform is so uncomfortable that it is causing health problems, like a rash, you may be able to get an accommodation like the overweight workers in your workplace. In that case, you should speak with your supervisor and/or your human resources department about an accommodation.

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Unless it's causing you physical harm, yes, it's legal. Your 'right,' I'm afraid, is the right to find another job.

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