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My employer is closing office during the week of Thanksgiving and from Christmas to the new year. Can I collect unemployment?

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I have vacation accrued, but it is not enough to cover the time that my employer is forcing off. We just found out about the closures on October 30. I am an hourly-paid full-time employee. Do I have any rights to any compensation for the time of the closure? If so, what steps do I need to take?

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You are only eligible to collect unemployment benefits when you are totally or partially unemployed. This means that you have to be permanently laid off or your hours permanently reduced to part time. In practice, the state makes you wait for two full weeks without work before your benefits will kick in.

Your employer has the right to force you to take days off as vacation, whether paid or unpaid, if your employment is at-will (which is the usual case). Taking a few extra unpaid days in December will likely not qualify you for unemployment benefits as you do not seem to be permanently partially unemployed. If you have any doubts, contact the Unemployment Insurance Office ( to discuss your rights with a qualified state agent.

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No, unemployment is for just that unemployment. You are not eligible for unemployment provided that you have a job after the holidays.

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