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My employer has missed pay day multiple times.

Brunswick, OH |

My employer has missed pay day multiple times and continues to pay myself and a coworker on pay day. what can i do to force him to begin paying us on payday? or get my money sooner? or do i have a case against him to sue him for the money he owes me or sue him for not paying me on time? Im just wondering what i can do at this point

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In many states, they have a state department of labor or something equivalent. I would check to see if Ohio has one since in many cases this department handles those types of claims. They might be helpful in addressing the issue.

Please note that the information provided should not be relied upon as legal advice as there are many other factors that might need to be considered before taking any legal action. My firm is experienced in handling legal claims in the employment law field and we would be honored to discuss your legal concern in greater detail if warranted. Thank you.


Check the Ohio regs; in Nevada, where I practice, employers are required to make payment within a reasonable time. I assume Ohio is similar. Retain an attorney to make demand on your employer and/or file a claim.

DISCLAIMER: I am only licensed to practice law in the states of Nevada and Maryland. If your issue involves the law of another state, it is in your best interests to talk to a lawyer who is licensed there. In any event, my comments are for informational purposes only on the basis of the question you ask, and should not be relied upon as conclusive legal advice, nor should it be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship. Finally, understand that all questions and answers here are made in a public forum and can be viewed by anyone, including law enforcement, opposing parties, witnesses and attorneys. Always exercise common sense, sound judgment and discretion when seeking advice on Avvo or any other public forum.

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