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My employer give me notice that I am on bench for next two weeks without pay. is this legal?

Gainesville, VA |

Employer notify me remaining work on the project do not required my skills set, therefore they put me on bench for two weeks to find another opportunity within company if no match found for my skill set than last day right after two week, next two week I should use PTO or without pay Is this legal? I do not have enough PTO to cover two week. What are my rights? Last several months I been harassed and discriminated by my immediate supervisor. Can I sue the company for wrongful termination.

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In order to understand and answer your question, it is important to understand what PTO means. Please provide more information.

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On the facts you posted, you have no grounds for a complaint, let alone a lawsuit. You are working in an 'at will' employment can be fired for any reason or no reason (excepting those protected classes, race, religion, gender etc,). The fact that the company is trying to find you something else is encouraging, but you would be well-advised to immediately begin looking for new employment.

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