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My employer cut my pay from $ 8 per hour to $ 6.50.. what can i do. i

Hallandale, FL |

this employer (name and address of employer omitted). hallandale florida also hires hations and pays 2 of them $ 6 per hour they wok 60 + hours and do not get overtime pay. this employer says that she - (employer's name omitted) is a small business and does not have to pay....

i am for any answers

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Effective January 1, 2009, the Florida minimum wage is $7.21 per hour. Failure to pay at that rate would be a violation of state law. Also, the rate stated in your question does not meet federal minimum wage requirements, currently set at $6.55/hour.

With respect to overtime, generally, any hours worked over 40, subject to limited exceptions, must be paid at a rate one and one half the regular pay rate. The size of the employer is not relevant.

Regarding a change in pay rate, an employer is generally not required keep an employee's pay rate the same, unless there is an employment contract specifiying a particular pay rate.